dancing drum healing arts

Shamanism is…

an ancient healing practice and humanity's oldest form of relationship to Spirit.

Its complex set of practices enables the practitioner to elicit a shift from ordinary consciousness into an altered state of consciousness (non-ordinary reality) using the shamanic journey, for healing or for obtaining information and power for right action.

I now teach this journey technique, which accesses the Spirit web of power and knowledge, to anyone interested in using this powerful tool for personal growth and guidance.

I am…

Pat Floyd, a practicing shamanic healer for the past 19 years. Dancing Drum Healing Arts is both my practice and my spiritual home.

Dancing Drum Healing Arts offers…

  • Private, individualized shamanic healing sessions
  • Reiki or other forms of energy work
  • Workshops in shamanism and drum making
  • Retreats for individuals as well as groups
  • Drums, hand-made by us, for sale at a reasonable price. Drums can be customized.

For more information, call 607.279.0444…

or contact me by email.